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第一部分 (听力1-20题满分30分


第二部分 阅读理解(共两节,满分40分)


阅读下列短文从每题所给的A、B、C 和 D 四个选项中,选出最佳选项。


Where to Eat in Bangkok

Bangkok is a highly desirable destination for food lovers. It has a seemingly bottomless well of diningoptions. Here are some suggestions on where to start your Bangkok eatingadventure.


Offering Thai fine dining. Nahm provides the best of Bangkok culinary(烹饪的)experiences. It'sthe only Thair restaurant that ranks among the top 10 of the word's 50 best restaurants list. Head ChefDavid Thompson. Who received a Michelin star for his Loodon-based Thai restaurant of the same name,opened this branch in the Metropolitan Hotel in 2010.

Issays Stamese Club

Issaya Siamese Club is intematoionally know Thai chef lan Kittichai's first flagship Bangkok restau-rant. The menu in this beautiful colonial house includes traditional Thai cuisine combined with modemcooking methods.


Bo.tan has been makin waves in Bangkok's culinary sene since it opened in 2009. Serving hard-to-find Thai dishes in an elegant atmosphere, the restaurant is true to Thai cuisine's roots,yet still managesto add a wpecial twist. This place is good for a candle-lit dinner or a work meeting with colleagues whoappreciate fine food. For those extremely hungry there's a large set menu.


Earning first place on the lates "Asia's 50 best restaurants" list, progressive Indian restaurant Gag-gan is one of the most exciting venues(场所) to arrive in Bangkok in recent years. The best table in thistwo-story colonial Thai home offers a window right into the kitchen, where you can see chef Gaggan andhis staff in action. Culinary theater at its best.

21.What do Nahm and Issaya Siamese Club have in common?

A.They adp modern cooking methods.

B.They have branches in London.

C.They have top-class chefs.

D.They have based in hotcls.

22.Which restaurant offers a large set menu?



C.Issaya Siamese Club.


23.What is special about Gaggan?

A.It hires staff from India.

B.It puts on a play every day.

C.It serves hard-to-find local dishes.

D.It shows the cooking process to guests.


Terri Boltonis a dab hand when it comes to DIY(do-it-yourself). Skillde at putting up shelves andpiecing together furniture,she never pays someone else to do a job she can do herself.

She credits these skills to her late grandfather and builder Derek Lloyd. From the age of six,Terri,now 26,accompanied Derek to work during her school holidays. A day's work was rewarded with & 5 inpocket money. She says:"I'm sure I wasn't much of a help to start with. painting the rooms and puttingdown the flooring throughout the house. It took weeks and is was backbreaking work,but I know he wasproud of my skills."

Terri, who now rents abhouse with friends in Wandsworth, South West London, says DIY also savesher from losing any deposit when a tenancy(租期)comes to an end. She adds:"I've moved house manytimes and I alwsys like to personalise my room and put up pictures, So, it's been useful to know how tocover up holes and repaint a room to avoid any charges when I've moved out"

With millions of people likely to take on DIY projects over tha coming weeks, new research showsthat more than half of people are planning to make the most of the long, warm summer days to get jobsdone. The average spend per project will be around s 823. Two thirds of people aim to improve theircomfort while at home. T fifth wish to increase the value of their house. Thouth DIY hsa traditionallybeen seen as male hobby, the research shows it is women now leading the charge.

24.Which is closest in meaning to"a dab hand" in paragraph 1?

A.An artist.

B.A winner.

C.A specialist.

D.A pioneer.

25.Why did Terri's grandfather give her f 5 a day?

A.For a birthday gift.

B.As a treat for her work.

C.To support her DIY projects.

D.Toencourage her to take up a hobby.

26.How did Terri avoid losing the deposit on the house she rented?

A.By making it look like before.

B.By furmishing it herself.

C.By splitting the rent with a roommate.

D.By cancelling the rental agreement.

27.What trend in DIY does the research show?

A.It is becoming more costly.

B.It is getting more time-consuming.

C.It is turning into a seasonal industry.

D.It is gaining popularity among females.


I was about 13 when an uncle gave me a copy of Jostein Gaarder's Sophie's World. It was full of ideasthat were new to me, so I spent the summer with my head in and out of that book. It spoke to me andbrought me into a world of philosophy(哲学).

That love for philosophy lasted until I got to college. Nothing kills the love for philsosphy faster thanpeople who think they understand Foucault, Baudrillard, or Confucius better than you - and then try toexplain them.

Eric weiner's The Socrates Express: In Search of Life Lessons from Dead Philosophers reawakened mylove for philssophy. It is not an explanation, but an invitation to think and experience philosophy.

Weiner stara each chapter with a scene on a train ride between cities and then frames eachphilosopher's work in the centext(背景)of one thing they can help us do better. The end result is a readin which we learn to wonder like Socrates, see like Thoreau, listen like Schopenhauer, and have no re-grets like Nietzsche. This, more than a book about undestanding philosophy ,is a book abour learning touse philosophy to improve a life.

He makes philosopical thought an appealing exercise that improves the quality of our experiences,and he does so with plenty of humor. Weiner enters into conversation with some of the most importantphilosophers in history,and he becomes part of that crowd in the process by decoding(解读)theirmssages and adding his own interpretation.

The Socrates Express is a fun, sharp book that draws readers in with its apparent simplicity and grad-ually pulls them in deeper thoughts on desire, loneliness, and aging. The invitation is clear: Weinerwants you to pick up a coffee or tea and sit down with this book. I encourage you to take his offer. It'sworth your time, even if time is something we don't have a lot of.

28.Who opened the door to philosophy for the author?


B.Eric Weiner.

C.Jostein Gaarder.

D.A college teacher.

29.Why does the author list great philosophers in paragraph 4?

A.To compare Weiner with them.

B.To give examples of great works.

C.To praise their writing skills.

D.To help readers understand Weiners book.

30.What does the author like about The Socrates Express?

A.Its views on history are well-presented.

B.Its ideas can be applied to daily life.

C.It includes comments from readers.

D.It leaves an open ending.

31.What does the author think of Weiners book?

A.Objective and plain.

B.Daring and ambitious.

C.Serious and hard to follow.

D.Humorous and straightforward.


Grizaly bears, which may grow to about 2.5m long and weigh over 400kg, occupy a conflicted cor-ner of the American psyche-we rever(敬畏) them even as they give us frightening dreams. Ask the tour-ists from around the world that flood into Yellowstone National Park what they most hope to see, and theiranswer is often the same: a grizzly bear.

"Grizzly bears are re-occupying large areas of their former range," says bear biologist ChrisServheen. As grizzly bears expand their range into places where they haven't been seen in a century ormore,they're incresingly being sighted by humans.

The western half of the U.S. was full of grizzlies when Eurpeans came, with a rough number of 50,000 or more living alongside Native Americans. By the early 1970s, after centuries of cruel and continu-ous hunting by settlers, 600 to 800 grizzlies remained on a mere 2 percent of their former range in theNorthern Rockies. In 1975, grizzlies were listed under the Endangered Species Act.

Today, there are about 2,000 or more grizzly bears in the U.S. Their recovery has been so suecess-ful that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has twice attempted to de-list grizzlies, which would loosenlegal protections and allow them to be hunted. Both efforts were overturned due to lawsuits from conserva-tion groups. For now, grizzlies remain listed.

Obviously,if precautions(预防)aren't taken, grizzlies can become troublesome, sometimes killingfarm animals or walking through yards in search of food. If people remove food and attractants from theiryards and campsites, grizzlies will typically pass by without trouble. Putting electric fencing aroundchicken houses and other farm animal quarters is also highly effective at getting grizzlies away."Our hopeis to have a clean, attractant-free place where bears ean pass through without learning bad habits," saysJames Jonkel, longtime biologist who manages bears in and around Missoula.

32.How do Americans look at grizlies?

A.They cause mixed feelings in people.

B.They should be kept in national parks.

C.They are of high scientific value.

D.They are a symbol of American culture.

33.What has helped the increase of the grizzly population?

A.The European settlers' behavior.

B.The expansion of bears' range.

C.The protection by law since 1975.

D.The support of Native Americans.

34.What has stopped the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service from de-listing grizzlies?

A.The opposition of conservation groups.

B.The successful comeback of grizzlies.

C.The voice of the biologists.

D.The local farmers'advocates.

35.What can be ierere from the last paragraph?

A.Food should be provided for grizzlies.

B.People can live in harmony with grizzlies.

C.A special path should be built for grizzlies.

D.Technology can be itroduced to protect grizzlies.



Tricks To Becoming A Patient Person

Here's a riddle:What do traffic jams, long lines and waiting for a vacation to start all have incommon? There's one answer.___36___ .

In the Digital Age, we're used to having what we need immediately and right ai our fingertips.However, research suggests that if we practiced patience, we'd be a whole lot better off. Here are severaltricks.

●Practice gratitude(感激)

Thankfulness has a lot of benefits: Research shows it makes us happier, less steressed and evenmore optimistic.___37___ ."Showing thankfulness can foster self-control," said Ye Li, researcher at theUniversity of Califormia.

●Make yourself wait

Instant gratification(满足)may seem like the most "feel good" option at the time, but psychologyresearch suggests waiting for things actually makes us happier in the long run. And the only way for us toget into the habit of waiting is to practice.___38___ .Put off watching your favorite show until the weekendor wait 10 extra minuters before going for that cake. You'll soon find that the more patienceyou practice,the more you start to apply it to other, more annoying situations.


So many of us have the belief that being comfortabel is the only state we will tolerate,and when weexperience something outside of our comfort zone, we get impatient about the circumstances. You shouldlearn to say toyourself,"___40___ ."You'll then gradually become more patient.

A.Find your causes

B.Start with small tasks

C.Accept the uncomfortable

D.All this adds up to a state of hury

E.It can also help us practice more patience

F.This is merely uncomfortable, not intolerable

G.They're all situations where we could use a little extra patience




Many years ago, I bought a house in the Garfagnana, where we still go every summer. The first time we___41___there, we heard the chug chug-chug of a motorbike ___42___its way down the hill toward us.It was___43___called Mario, coming to ___44___us a box containing some tormatoes and a bottle of wine.It was a very nice ___45___ for him to make. But when we looked at the tomatoes, we were ___46___be-cause they were so misshapen:not at all like the nice, round,___47___things you get in a supermarket.And the wine was cloudy, in a funny old bottle with no label(标签)on it These can'tbe any___48___ , wethought. But we were___49___his kindness, so we___50___them.

What we discovered is that it's___51___to judge what you cat only by its___52___. Those tomatoeshad___53___that reminded me of the ones my uncle used to grow when I was a child. Nowadays super-market tomatoes___54___perfect but taste of water. Nobody'sgoing to have a___55___memory of those. It'sa surprise they haven't managed to grow square ones so that they can___56___them easily. Mario's winemay have been cloudy and come out of an old bottle, but it was___57___.

It's good to eat things at the correct time, when they're___58___,and as close as possible to wherethey were___59___What Mario had___60___us was the taste of the Garfagnana.

41. A. waitedB. metC. campedD. stayed

42. A. makingB. searchingC. squeezingD. feeling

43. A. customerB. neighborC. relativeD. passenger

44. A. lendB. sendC. bringD. show

45. A. choiceB.commentC. promiseD. gesture

46.A. worriedB.movedC. thrilledD.bored

47. A. simpleB. realC. shinyD.fun

48.A. moreB. goodC. newD. easy

49. A. sympathetic toB. thankful forC. cautious aboutD. interested in

50. A. triedB. soldC. returnedD. mixed

51. A. unnecessaryB. uncertainC. unwiseD. unusual

52. A. appearanceB.qualityC. originD. price

53.A. sizeB. shapeC. colorD. taste

54. A. smellB. lookC. becomeD. work

55. A. happyB. vividC. shortD. vague

56. A. cleanB. checkC. countD. pack

57. A perfectB. usefulC. convenient D. familiar

58. A. on view B. on saleC. in season D. in need

59. A. finished B. storedC. foundD. grown

60. A. cooked B. givenC. boughtD. told

第二节(共10小题:每小题1.5 分,满分15 分)


For thousands of years, people have told fables(寓言)___61___(teach)a lesson or topass onwiddom. Fables were part of the oral tradition of many eraly cultures , and the well-known Aesop's fablesdatetothe___62___(six)century,B.C.Yet,the form of the fable still has values today,___63___RachelCarson says ir in "A Fable for Tomorrow."

Carson uses a simple, direct style common to fble. In fact, her style and tone(口吻)are seeminglydirected at children."There was once a town in the heart of America.___64___all life scmed to enjoypeceful c-cistece with is suoundins," her fable begins, ___65___(borow) some fmilar words from manyage -old fables. Behind the simple style, however,is a serious message.___66___(intend) for everyone.

___67___ (difference) from traditional fables, Carson’s story ends with an accusation instead of a moral. She warns of the environmental dangers facing society, and she teaches that people must take responsibility ___68___ saving their environment.

The themes of taditional fables often deal with simple truths about everyday life. However, Cason’s theme is a more weighty ___69___ (warn) about environmental destruction. Carson proves that a simple lyric form that has been passed down through the ages can still ____70____ (employ) today to draw attention to important truths.


第一节短文改错(共10小题:每小题1分,满分10 分)







I used to afrid of insects,but last Friday's biology class make a big changein me. In that class, MissZhao,our biology teacher, showed we insects on stamps. The bees,butterfly and many other insects lookedlovely and beautifully on thestamps. Miss Zhao told us the names of the insects or described their livinghabits. She even played some recordings of their singing,what was fun.Now,I've cometo love those ofsmall living things. In the evening,when I take the walk in theschool garden,the singing of insects becomemore meaningful to me.









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